About Us

Sristi caterers are the leading catering company in Odisha delivering innovative and mouthwatering cuisine We provide a premier catering service for weddings, reception parties and corporate functions, thematic parties, engagements, conventions, banquets, and other occasions. We offer complete party service of quality food, waiters & waitresses, serving equipment, catering disposables, crockery, cutlery & linen hire, and venue recommendation services, stage decoration, flower arrangement, theme parties, special functions and much more.

At Sristi Caterers we try to create an ideal atmosphere for a party so that we can appeal to all these senses in a way that makes your event special and memorable. We satisfy all our clients with food as a focal point. With enough dedication and perseverance, we give you an elegant and intriguing presentation of the catering service. We can customize our dishes and menu to suit your individual taste, budget, dietary preferences and the type of function you are hosting.

our specialties

Style and Elegance

Affordable Prices

Our each course will bring a new taste and pleasure as you will be serviced with the utmost style and professionalism available.

Our menu can be customized according to your taste and budget. We offer the entire menu at affordable rates.

Quality and hygiene

The food is prepared in the most hygienic way so that you are left with zero botheration about the quality of the food served.

Well-qualified staff


Our team of qualified and experienced staff prepare and serves food items of any type and cuisine, most deliciously as per your various requirements and according to your wide range of tastes.

Beautiful presentation

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Unique and well-arranged food sections

We arrange and decorate the dining tables and buffet counters in a very attractive manner. To add to your taste bud, we also arrange separate dessert counters and salad counters.


Unit 4, Bhauma Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751001

contact no - 9437055874

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